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Donna Foster is an award-winning photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina and seasonally (July-Sept), on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. She has been making beautiful photographs for over thirty years.

Donna creates extraordinary images of pets and their people, photographs that reflect the personality of both humans and their pet companions and reveal the deep emotional connection between both. These portraits capture the essence and poignancy of the human-pet relationship and show this profoundly meaningful bond with a rare insight and clarity, touching the heart and soul.

A personal message from Donna:

Some pet clients will lick my lens and surely all will stick their wet noses right into it. I know I’ll get lots of kisses, some slobbery and some not. Curiosity, fun & sensitivity abound. Depending where we are on location we’ll end up with grassy knees or sand between our toes. All in a day’s work.

Come and play. I hope to see you through my lens!


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