Hi Donna,
I saw you on facebook and remembered how wonderful you were with my now husband's boxers who were both dying of cancer. Emmitt and Tyler. We don't have them anymore, but we have the best photos of them bc of you and I just wanted to say thank you so much. We moved from Charlotte, but will be back again, and I will hire you again in a second to take pictures of our dogs. Thanks for giving us a memory Donna.
Carrie Griesedieck Guy

Donna's photographs of our family were incredible. Her images were perfect photographically and emotionally. Thank you so much , Donna.
Charles Thomas
The pictures turned out great. I really appreciated Donna listening to poses I wanted to capture & helping me sift through the proofs. She really did identify the bond I have with my pets. A picture is truely worth 1,000 words!
Kelly Moore
It was a pleasure to work with Donna. She was always on time for meetings; she planned well in advance of the actual photo date; she made sure whe was familiar with the surroundings and the lighting in the areas where the photography was scheduled to take place; she made every effort to become acquainted with the people who would be involved in the assignment and most importrant, she got some wonderful shots of the persons involved (In our situation, some 16 family members and more than 100 guests).
Malcolm A. Cross
John and I were together for 18 years. I do not remember a time when he was not with me. No matter where I moved, I was never alone...Of course I had taken many pictures of him through the years. They captured lovely moments in different towns. But it wasn't until I got Donna to take his picture that I finally had images of John that would always keep him alive in my life. I just thought it would be good to have some nice black & white photos of John. I remember the day. I was disappointed because John did not cooperate. I do not remember him looking towards the camera at all. I was stunned and amazed when I saw the proofs. They all captured the beauty and soul of my loving companion. They captured my John. John died the next year. I believe having such special pictures of John made me conscious of how blessed i was to have him and how his spirit is always present in my home and my life. John has been gone 3 years now. I now have Rupert and Eddie. But I still miss my John but looking at his pictures all over my house calms my soul.
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